LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Android

LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Android is work with android mobile phone and other device. It is with function of Read/Eraze DTCs,Viewing Data Stream,actuation test and special functions. Online updating make this X431 Idiag for Android to be advanced to test newest cars. Launch X431 iDiag is based on Internet and mobile terminals, a vehicle fault diagnostic tool designed by Launch with over 20 years R & D experience in vehicle diagnosis. If your operating system of your smart phone or tablet is Android 4.0 or above,it will be your best choice in diagnostic scanner tool.

Functions of LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Android:

1. Vehicle full system diagnosing.

2. Reading system version information

3. Read DTCs & Clear DTCs

4. Reading data stream.

5. Data stream displayed in curves

6. Actuation Test

7. Special function

8. Instant information and software upgrade reminding

9. Maintenance community to share technical experience

10. Maintenance data base contains maintenance data.

11. Online updating for covering more new vehicles.


Please note:

LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Android does NOT come with any software except OBDII and DEMO. You have to go to to register your machine and download software.


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